A corporate escapee exploring how to live a simpler and more meaningful life in the digital age.

Are you developing more introverted tendencies as you get older? Are you exhausted or energised by your work?

I help quiet and more thoughtful folk understand (and celebrate) their natural tendencies, creating a shift from in-action and self-limiting habits to greater personal leadership, productivity and influence.

I believe we can all be a better version of ourselves. The men and women I work with are natural leaders and my job as their thought partner is to help them unlock their potential.

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How to Establish an Effective Way of Working with Your Team

How to Establish an Effective Way of Working with Your Team

At the heart of establishing your team's way of working is creating a supportive and encouraging environment where each individual team member feels heard and is given the opportunity to co-create the rules of engagement with their team members. When I first started...

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