I’m a corporate escapee and company director who’s learnt most of my lessons from the school of life. My formal qualifications include a Graduate Diploma Education, Bachelor of Business Marketing and a Diploma of Management. 

A passionate advocate for exploring how to live a simpler and more meaningful life in the digital age, I enjoy the therapy of writing as a ritual to help navigate my roles as an educator, mother, wife, daughter, sister and entrepreneur.

As an individual with ambivert tendencies you’ll find me pottering in my garden, or reading a book, writing, spending time with my family or walking in nature with a kindred spirit.

I can sometimes also be found on LinkedIn and write regularly on Think Bespoke’s blog.  I’m also the host of The 5 Minute LinkedIn Marketer and the upcoming Inner Curious podcast show.

For many years I’ve successfully managed, coached and trained professionals who manage and lead people or deal with demanding stakeholders. I help my clients get more comfortable and confident with the inherent discomfort that comes with personal leadership growth. 

I share insights based on rituals I’ve developed to effectively manage my own ambivert tendencies, and draw on my extensive experience in senior sales, marketing and business leadership roles, and how to navigate life in the digital age.

I provide practical strategies and help individuals draw insights from both their successful and challenging experiences so they can:

  • better understand and trust themselves and their own natural tendencies
  • nurture and create work patterns that ultimately improve their productivity
  • re-think how they navigate demanding workloads
  • re-imagine how they communicate with stakeholders
  • strengthen their leadership skills

My approach is to ask thought provoking questions, listen, provide frameworks and decision criteria for my clients to achieve high performance and greater satisfaction in their roles (and often also their lives). I use a variety of tools and resources which are based on my client’s learning style and preferences; some people prefer putting pen to paper and some prefer Apps and software. I also recommend good books and podcasts, when relevant.

I do my best work with quiet and more thoughtful folk who are less extroverted than most and tend to be deep thinkers and methodical in their approach. My clients are often subject matter experts who want to make the world an even better place.

If you’re after specific LinkedIn training, please explore my LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring.

Living the professional life you imagined takes hard work and perseverance.

But understanding how to unlock your personal leadership takes a whole lot more.

This is my Journey

Chose a Redundancy

In 2008 I left a corporate Strategic Marketing role with Diageo Australia after an 11 year tenure and became a full time Mum and student.

Became an Educator

In 2009 I completed my Graduate Diploma of Education, Certificate IV Training & Assessment and received Recognition of Prior Learning for Diploma of Management.

Started a Business

In 2010 I established Think Bespoke to help individuals unlock their potential with our resume and LinkedIn Profile writing services.

Became a Company Director

In 2015, in recognition of our growth and increased service offerings for individuals and organisations across Australia, Think Bespoke became a company.

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