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Podcast Interview: How To Build An Authentic Personal Brand With LinkedIn

What does your personal brand say about you? Is it helping you to achieve your career or business goals? Whether you’re a business owner or a working professional, YOU have a personal brand. And it plays an incredibly important role in increasing your visibility,... read more

How to do your best work and make a difference that matters to you

Having been struck down with a cold for the last few weeks I’ve had some extra time to indulge in a few thought provoking documentaries on Netflix. I share this with you as a warning that this week’s blog is a slight deviation from the functional ‘how to’ blogs more... read more

How to Establish an Effective Way of Working with Your Team

At the heart of establishing your team’s way of working is creating a supportive and encouraging environment where each individual team member feels heard and is given the opportunity to co-create the rules of engagement with their team members. When I first... read more

How to Establish and Review Individual and Team Performance Objectives

I run annual temperature checks for an organisation I have worked with for over 3 years. The idea of these sessions is that I spend 30 minutes with each member of the organisation as a cultural check-in to see how they are enjoying their role. We explore the... read more

How to Set Yourself up for Professional Success when Managing a Team

An increasing part of my weeks are spent with clients in Business Coaching conversations. Interestingly, I do not identify as a Business Coach and tend to view myself more as a thought partner for talented leaders who know what they need to do, and just need some... read more

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