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An increasing number of people I meet got their last job from being approached on LinkedIn. At the time of writing this blog post there were 84,400+ jobs listed on LinkedIn in Australia, 18,400+ jobs listed in Melbourne, 29,000+ in Sydney and 9,900+ in Brisbane.

For those using LinkedIn to help secure a new role, there are many features within your LinkedIn Profile to help you appear in searches when recruiters and potential employers are looking for talent in Australia.

Whether you are actively looking for a new job, or happy in your current role, I believe we must all tend to our LinkedIn garden, and keep our LinkedIn Profiles as current and relevant to our professional goals as we can. With 80% of Australian professionals now on LinkedIn, this is likely to be one of the first places where people will find you when they research you online.

Sharing Your Career Interests via the LinkedIn Profile Feature

At it’s heart, LinkedIn is a sophisticated database with many algorithms that inform the news you see in your feed and the suggestions LinkedIn offers you for jobs and connections. To help LinkedIn tailor job suggestions, you have the option to specify your career interests, which in turn helps LinkedIn personalise job recommendations for you. This is in addition to the job alert option LinkedIn offers.

The Career Interests Dashboard is visible to you only below your LinkedIn Profile.

When you click on career preferences (see the visual above) you are then able to let LinkedIn know the types of roles you are interested in, including:

  • Job Title/s
  • Job Location/s
  • Full Time / Part Time / Contract / Internship / Remote / Freelance
  • Industry
  • Company Size

You can also turn on Open Candidates to privately signal you’re open to a new opportunity. LinkedIn states that this feature alone “can help you show up 2x more in searches by recruiters”, and ensure they’re seeing the types of roles you really want.

[Tweet “Turning on Open Candidates can help you show up 2x more in searches by Recruiters on LinkedIn. Turning on Open Candidates can help you show up 2x more in searches by Recruiters on LinkedIn. Turning on Open Candidates can help you show up 2x more in searches by recruiters.”]

Setting Up Job Alerts on the Job Search Mobile App

You can also save your job search criteria in the Job Search mobile app. When you save your job search you’ll also receive a Job Alert, which is an email notification sent periodically when new jobs are posted that meet your criteria. To find out more about how to do this, please visit LinkedIn help here for instructions for iOS and Android devices.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Before you update these settings it is essential your profile is optimised, with all the key features representing you well for recruiters and potential employees. Your photo and the headline, summary, experience, education, skills and recommendations sections of your LinkedIn Profile are the key areas where you can optimise your profile.

Please read this article ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job‘ for more details on how to optimise some of these features.

You may also like to check out our LinkedIn Profile Optimiser – a DIY tool with step by step instructions and a template to help you transform your LinkedIn Profile.

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