Career Management

​How to Write a Career Plan

I first encountered career planning when I worked at Diageo Australia. As part of the annual review process we were asked to share what sort of roles we were aiming to work at next and where we saw ourselves in the next 5 years or so. It was the start of career... read more

How to Manage Your Career Change

Are you thinking about a career change? As someone who’s personally transitioned from a demanding corporate role to running my own business (which is still demanding, but much more flexible), here are my tips to help you make this career transition. 1.... read more

The LinkedIn Opportunity for Job Seekers & Career Changers

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that can deliver you great return when you focus on what you want for your career. A well written profile and regular time spent on LinkedIn will help you get results from engaging with colleagues (past and present),... read more

​How to Secure an Internal Promotion

If you are thinking about applying for an internal promotion, changing jobs or making a career change, then some basic planning can help make this transition and change a much smoother and successful process. In this blog I have shared the insights I discuss with... read more

How to Escape a Job you Hate

When I ran training programs on behalf of a boutique training organisation, I would occasionally encounter reluctant workshop attendees. It was nothing personal, they simply hated their jobs and so hated being asked to be part of a training program that they had not... read more

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A passionate advocate for individuals wishing to live the life they imagined, here Karen shares her own personal journey and her two cents worth for how to navigate your professional life.

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