How to Establish an Effective Way of Working with Your Team

At the heart of establishing your team’s way of working is creating a supportive and encouraging environment where each individual team member feels heard and is given the opportunity to co-create the rules of engagement with their team members. When I first... read more

Podcast: Improve Team Communication And Collaboration With Karen Hollenbach

In this podcast episode that I recorded with The Successful Advisor, you will learn: How I enable people to free themselves of their ego and embrace their authenticity Why writing your eulogy is an effective way to map out your plan for life Why it is important to... read more

How to Communicate More Effectively at Work

If you manage people or projects, it is a common frustration to have to explain things more than once to be understood. While you may think it’s because some people don’t listen properly (which may be partly true), it is also because of the way you are... read more

How to Say No At Work Without Offending

One of the most common challenges clients share with me during Career Consultations is that they feel overworked. While I do believe there is a season (especially in your mid twenties) where you need to simply put your head down and work as hard as you can, this needs... read more

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