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Are we heading in the right direction?

Today’s insights dive into my own personal story. If you’d like to pour yourself a cuppa, or perhaps indulge in a glass of your favourite tipple while you read, please make yourself comfortable and read on. Discovering What it Means to Be Australian In... read more

The hazards of parenting in the digital age

For those of you who subscribe to my monthly email newsletter, you may know that my first born started secondary college this year. With high school comes the adventure to catch a bus to school each day. With this adventure comes the inevitable conversation about... read more

PERMA: The Scientific Theory of Happiness

In the last week of the primary school term, my extended family and I attended the Class of 2017, Grade 6 Graduation. As one of the two School Captains, Master 12 played the role of MC along with his female counterpart. We began the evening listening to a speech... read more

How I found light in the darkness of dementia

For regular readers of my blog, and those who have been part of my journey since Think Bespoke was first established, you’ll know that one of the driving forces behind starting my business was my Mum’s diagnosis of dementia (specifically vascular dementia... read more

Why Patience is a Virtue

It’s 5.30pm on a Sunday evening and my flight is delayed. We’ve boarded but we are not moving. This means I’ve enjoyed the best part of the last hour reading through the inspiring articles sprinkled throughout The Collective Hub, a magazine that takes a fresh... read more

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