Personal Leadership

How to Establish and Review Individual and Team Performance Objectives

I run annual temperature checks for an organisation I have worked with for over 3 years. The idea of these sessions is that I spend 30 minutes with each member of the organisation as a cultural check-in to see how they are enjoying their role. We explore the... read more

How to Set Yourself up for Professional Success when Managing a Team

An increasing part of my weeks are spent with clients in Business Coaching conversations. Interestingly, I do not identify as a Business Coach and tend to view myself more as a thought partner for talented leaders who know what they need to do, and just need some... read more

How to Manage the Overwhelm

Whenever I start to notice patterns in what’s going on around me, I put plans in place to adapt or respond to them. These patterns may be positive, such as good ideas, interesting people I’d like to explore a collaboration with, or learn from, or time... read more

Why Your Values Matter

At the original rainforest market, hidden at the back of the many markets scattered in the main street of Kuranda you’ll find a small stall amongst the natural hand made ice cream vendors, encouraging you, for just $2, to find out the characteristics of the high... read more

Why I Want You To Book Annual Leave

I believe your appetite for planning regular holidays and taking short breaks over long weekends is strongly influenced by your parent’s approach to taking holidays when you were part of the family’s holiday plans. Growing up, we had regular holidays as a... read more

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