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Tips for Updating LinkedIn Profile Images

If you are thinking about reviewing your image choices on your LinkedIn Profile, then you need to start with your LinkedIn Profile photo and your LinkedIn Profile background image. The good news is that these are both free features for all LinkedIn members. Well... read more

How to Tend to Your LinkedIn Garden

The older I get the faster the years seem to pass. And so when new clients or colleagues apologise to me when they finally decide to engage my services, I smile. Because I understand how busy life is and that LinkedIn is on your important, and not urgent, to do list.... read more

3 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

It was during a webinar recently on the topic ‘Introduction to LinkedIn for Business’, that I was asked what are the most common mistakes I see made on LinkedIn. Interestingly, I’m not often asked a question like this. As a front footed and positive... read more

Why business cards still matter in a digital world

I believe business cards remain a relevant tool for business if you value human connection and understand the tactile nature of a premium business card. I enjoyed reading the comments on LinkedIn recently when one of my connections proposed the idea that inviting... read more

How to Use LinkedIn with Greater Confidence

If you’ve heard me speak on the topic of LinkedIn, then you’ll have had a chuckle to yourself when you’ve heard me explain ‘LinkedInitis’. It’s a term I affectionately use to describe a condition where people know they should spend... read more

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