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If you are thinking about reviewing your image choices on your LinkedIn Profile, then you need to start with your LinkedIn Profile photo and your LinkedIn Profile background image. The good news is that these are both free features for all LinkedIn members. Well thought out image choices are also an essential first step in improving your online presence and personal branding.

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Your LinkedIn Profile photo should be a high quality image of what you look like when you are at work. I know this sounds obvious, but I do see a few too many photos that represent one of two extremes. The first extreme is that the photo choice is out of context. For example, some people choose photos when they are on holiday, with their children, with their dog or cat or when they are all dressed up in their wedding attire. The other extreme is those people who do go to the effort of investing in a stylist, but have chosen a glamour photographer and their photo would be much better suited to a social dating site than their LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile photo should only include you and not have any distractions (such as a pet or your favourite travel destination). When updating your LinkedIn profile photo it’s a good idea to ask someone you know to take your photo or invest in a professional photographer.

Here are 10 Tips for Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile Image

Example of a Suitable LinkedIn Profile Photo & Background Image

Below is an example of a suitable LinkedIn Profile photo and background image to help you get the idea of what I mean.

Please meet Ralph Trovato from Lanskey Construction. Ralph is a valued client of Think Bespoke and we worked with him to update his LinkedIn Profile and trained him on how to be more active on LinkedIn. Please feel free to invite Ralph to connect here. He is a lovely fellow and can tell you all about the success he’s had with making LinkedIn work harder for his commercial goals. He’s achieved great success with LinkedIn by following our unique approach to networking on LinkedIn to attract, acquire and engage his ideal client and raise the profile of Lanskey Construction.

Ralph is the National Business Development Manager for Lanskey Construction. He has used the company’s logo as his LinkedIn background image and chosen a LinkedIn profile photo that is representative of his friendly and approachable personality.

Lucky for Ralph, his wife has a good camera, likes to take photos and took this photo of him. Ralph and I discussed in detail what would be a suitable photo for his LinkedIn Profile. He works with architects and so his business attire matches his clients and industry.


What to Consider When Adding a Background Image to your LinkedIn Profile

Your background image does not need to be related to your current employer but should be related to your industry and areas of expertise. Your background image should follow LinkedIn’s image size specifications and be a copyright free or purchased image. It should also be an image that is consistent with your professional goals and areas of expertise.

If you would like to learn more about how to add a background image to your LinkedIn Profile, please read this blog post.

View our LinkedIn Profile Photo Favourites on Pinterest

Please take some time this week to review and consider updating your LinkedIn profile photo and background image.

If you need some more inspiration for profile photos please visit Think Bespoke’s Pinterest board.

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