I was on The Creative Zone Podcast recently, chatting with Tali Brash about the incredible transformation I experienced from meeting and creatively expressing my inner voices.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Navigating such a huge internal transition in my life
  • My creative expression as child and school life
  • The moment I realised I wanted to show up for myself and my children within my career
  • Never having the intention to start a business, but having an intention to show up as a parent
  • The lead up and journey to creating my own business and consciously creating what I have today
  • Nurturing your inner child while nurturing your actual child
  • Introducing play and fun into my life through The Voices Of program
  • Inviting confrontational voices my her life through the program and how I can now sit with them comfortably
  • What I was looking for before the program
  • My 1950’s fear voice
  • The exploration of my Royalty Voice
  • My journey with the Parent Voice

>> Click here to listen to this episode

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