I believe you are so much more than your job or your role in your business. Being effective in your role as a business leader means you need to take a bird’s eye view of your whole life. This approach will help you be much clearer about the areas where you can be most influential in the hours you choose to dedicate to your business or career.  

Your professional success can be influenced by many factors. If you are experiencing rapid growth in your business and feeling a bit unsure about how to manage your staff and navigate your role as a leader, perhaps I can help.

My approach to business coaching is based on my own journey as a business owner as well as tested methods by large organisations that I have used and adapted over many years managing and training leaders in business. I have developed insights based on teachers such as Stephen Covey, Jack Collis and Mahatma Ghandi.

When I first began developing and using business planning tools for myself, I did not realise I would one day use these tools to help clients achieve their own goals and a greater sense of satisfaction about how they navigate their working life. 14 years on, and what was initially a successful method to help me maintain a sense of balance and wellness in my life, has now become a coaching approach and series of tools I share with clients. 

Why do we need to plan?

There are some specific types of clients I work with who benefit from my business coaching approach. Please review this list and consider if I am describing you.

  • General managers, managing directors or CEOS of family owned businesses who are subject matter experts but less confident with people management and performance reviews.
  • Business leaders who are generally highly successful from a career or financial perspective, but have lost touch with their internal compass for happiness and sense they are not as effective as they could be.
  • Senior executives who have recently been made redundant and want to re-think their next career move.

Priority Values

One of the most critical elements of my coaching approach is the identification of people’s priority values. Values are an interesting talking point, and the more you think about them, the more you start to re-think what is important to you. And that is why this exercise is so useful. It’s not just about the primary focus, which is determining your priority values, it’s also about what this sort of thinking does to your brain.

I define priority values as the combination of values that are most important to you, whether you live by and demonstrate them, or not. During the process of identifying priority values, a switch is flicked inside your brain. I have consistently witnessed people experiencing observable adjustments in the way they view an important aspect of their life. Something becomes clearer or takes on more or less importance.

Encouraging people to be more purposeful about why they do what they do is why I do what I do.

Do you believe in yourself?

Once my clients have distilled their priority values, I then like to explore their internal messages. These are the statements they make to themselves both consciously and unconsciously and are uncovered through an exercise I first used for myself, then with coaching clients and most recently in group coaching and workshops. The group coaching was first called the Who am I Workshop and was then picked up by a local council and run as a workshop titled ‘Take a Fresh Approach to Goal Setting’. I have since run a series of workshops and retreats to help people uncover their why and regularly coach Melbourne-based Business Leaders to help them plan and achieve greater professional success.

1:1 Business Coaching

Please contact me if you would like to explore what role Business Coaching and the approach I have described can play for your business and career goals.

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