What does your personal brand say about you? Is it helping you to achieve your career or business goals?

Whether you’re a business owner or a working professional, YOU have a personal brand. And it plays an incredibly important role in increasing your visibility, becoming known for your area of expertise, and becoming top-of mind for jobs, promotions and other opportunities.

I was invited to speak with the lovely Christina Canters in this episode of The C Method podcast. We talked about how I carved out a niche for myself and built my own personal brand.

I share what is thought leadership, and is it something you should you be looking to develop. I also share practical tips for making the most out of your LinkedIn profile, why Linkedin is such a powerful tool for networking, and why your personal brand is something you need to be focusing on if you’re looking to advance in your career or make a career change.

Listen here:

How To Build An Authentic Personal Brand With LinkedIn – with Karen Hollenbach

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