In this episode, Louise shares her insights & learnings from the book Fierce Self-Compassion, by Kristen Neff.   The book was written with the intention of helping women to harness their kindness to speak up, claim their power, and thrive. In this discussion, Louise helps us understand why we need to embrace both the tender & fierce parts of ourselves, as well as deepen our understanding of the masculine & feminine in relation to ying & yang.  As always, there are stories of personal experience from both Karen & Louise that go beyond the theories & definitions to show how we live with these concepts in our everyday lives. We hope you enjoy this episode.


1. Book: Fierce Self Compassion: How Women can Harness Kindness to Speak Up, Claim their Power, and Thrive. by Kristin Neff

2. Podcast interviews with Kristin Neff about the book a) Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg. b) Emerging Women with Chantal Pierrat

3. Book: The Inner Self by Hugh Mackay

4. Book: The Good Life by Hugh Mackay

5. If not Dieting then What by Dr. Rick Kausman

6. Podcast: Routines & Ruts – Madeleine Dore of Extraordinary Routines blog – Season 2 – EP #1 Interview with Hugh Mackay

7. Insight Timer – Meditation App

8. One Roof – A global online community of women in business

9. Tali Brash – The Voices Of program

10. Ingrid Jane Jones – Journaling community

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