Talents are in the eye of the beholder.
They can be how others see us.
Projection plays a role.

What you are to me.
How you help me.
I see you through this light.

What are your talents? I ask my younger cherub.

Soccer, kissing and cuddling. He replies.

What are Papa’s talents? I ask.

Building cars, kissing and cuddling and taking us on adventures. He replies.

What are my talents?  I ask.

Writing, teaching adults and kisses and cuddles. He replies, without hesitation.

I like how he sees me.

How do I see me?

Writing for my profession.

A blog, for business.

Profiles to help professionals reach their full potential.

Training slides to educate.

And I write to help process all that happens. As a way to slow down. To feel and to wonder.

Hand written reflections in my journal or notebook.

Musings to process and synthesise my thoughts, feelings and experiences.
For pleasure.

Writing is a verb.

To be a writer, you need to write.

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