Earlier this year I enjoyed 15 days travelling to Paris, Amalfi and Rome with a friend

As I prepare for the next 3 months, I have been reflecting on this trip and how important it has been for my general wellbeing to have taken this time out from my busy schedule.

Have something to look forward to


To address the creeping feeling of the ‘overwhelm’ I organise regular holidays.

I believe that at the heart of effective time management is planning regular travel breaks. I normally take these breaks with my family. They are mostly short weekends away or camping trips. This helps me stay fresh and focussed on what’s important.

When I was originally considering travelling to Paris, I was not sure exactly how I was going to manage this. I have two primary school aged children, I care for my mother who currently lives independently, and has dementia, and manage the juggling act of life with my husband who also runs his own business.

The logistics for my trip somehow fell into place when my husband’s friend invited both him and our two boys on a road trip to Alice Springs to experience the Finke Desert Race. 14 days in June on a road trip. The beginning of summer in Europe.

The importance of taking a break

If you really like the idea of taking a break, either on your own or with your family or friends, I encourage you to make plans to do so.

I understand that sometimes there are some very practical logistics that may stand in your way of taking a break (e.g. money, who’s going to look after the dog or cat, your busy or demanding job). However, I often find that the logistics can begin to fall in to place when you approach your goals with passion and conviction.

What’s holding you back from organising your next holiday?

Understanding the importance of having a holiday and creating a plan to achieve this is critical to achieving greater happiness. Creating this opportunity to travel to Paris confirmed my belief that every one of us is capable of achieving success in the areas of our life we choose to dedicate the time and energy to.

I often encounter clients and colleagues who simply do not believe they are capable of creating the sorts of opportunities for themselves that will enhance both their personal and professional lives. They are spending too much time doing what they think they should be doing rather than considering what it is that will make them happy.

Are you confidently going after what you desire?

While the example I have used here is of a holiday, what I am really exploring is the principle of confidently going after what you desire. If you believe in yourself and take the time to consider both your professional and personal goals and how to achieve them, then you are allowing yourself to achieve greater happiness.

Please share where you’d like to travel to for your next holiday?

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